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       Cecilia began her Mary Kay career in January of 1993 while attending college and working full time at a major retail clothing chain. She thought she was perfectly happy and satisfied with her life and her career until she heard about the Mary Kay opportunity.

"I started Mary Kay to earn $50 a week for spending money. Within 8 weeks, I had quit my full time job and was on my way to a fairy tale lifestyle most people only dream of." When offered the opportunity, Cecilia was sure she wasn't interested, but she agreed to listen.

The consultant told her something that Cecilia has told countless people since - "You can't make an intelligent decision without hearing all the facts!" Cecilia sat down with her to listen, and says "I decided it was an opportunity I couldn't refuse." 

She became a consultant and began working her business immediately. She earned her first company car in November of 1993, just 11 months after joining the company. Within 18 months, she debuted as a Sales Director and as a Senior Director, a mere four months later. That year her unit was recognized as a Fabulous 50's unit and Cecilia herself was recognized as the Best All-Around New Director in the Lenarz Area.
Cecilia loves the fact that Mary Kay has always encouraged its sales force members to keep "faith first, family second and career third," and her business has allowed her to have that flexibility when she needed it.  She is thankful she doesn’t have to worry about asking someone else for time off to do the things that she wants to do. She says, “I love the fact that I have the freedom, to do with every hour, of every day whatever I choose to do.”

Cecilia has earned 11 Pink Cadillac’s. She’s been a member of the Queen’s Court of Sales, as well as the National Court of Sharing twice. She has earned over $50,000 in cash bonuses and 15 karats worth of diamond rings over the last ten years.

In March 2013 Cecilia was awarded the highest honor in Mary Kay, The Go-Give Award. She led her unit to the 300,000 Unit Circle in her first year. Since then, she has achieved 18 unit circles including 5 times in the Circle of Excellence. To date, her combined unit retail production totals over $14 million dollars. “I have enjoyed five, all expense paid, top director trips. They include, Sweden, Germany, Prague, Italy, Greece, Croatia, & Hawaii, Paris, London, Spain and Portugal. They were fairy tale vacations and I look forward to a new one every year.” In 2008 she led her unit to the $1 Million Circle of Excellence, setting a company record as the first Million Dollar Director in Georgia. She held the state contest title for 3 consecutive years as the #1 director in the state of Georgia.

On December 1, 2012 Cecilia debuted as a National Sales Director reaching the highest position on the career path. She is most proud of her National Area,
The MIH area. She is a Mary Kay millionaire earning over $2 million in commissions. Her highest monthly combined income is over $39,000. “I will be forever grateful for this opportunity, Mary Kay Ash, and the countless mentors I have had on my journey. I honestly believe, I am the person I am today because of this incredible company.”


Career Highlights:
  • Cecilia joined Mary Kay in January 1993
  • She debuted as a Sales Director in August 1994, and a senior director 4 months later
  • In June of 1995 she took delivery of her first pink Cadillac and 13 have been delivered since including 2 pink Escalades. 
  • She has 48 quarters of Star Consultant status and has achieved 10 gold medals
  • She has been a member of the Court of Sales and the Court of Sharing two times and a Double Star achiever 3 times
  •  She has been in the unit circles 18 times with a career high of $1,000,000 in unit retail production becoming Georgia’s first Million $ Unit in company history.
  • She has traveled to Sweden, Germany, Croatia, Praque, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Hawaii (2x), London, Paris, Spain and Portugal on all expense paid five star vacations.  
  • She was bestowed Mary Kay’s highest honor, being named Monthly Miss Go–Give for March 2013.
  • On December 1, 2012 Cecilia achieved the pinnacle of success debuting as a National Sales Director.
  • In 2014 Cecilia led her area to a Gold Circle finish in their first full year as an area.
  • Cecilia is a Mary Kay millionaire earning over $2 million in commissions
  • Her highest combined monthly income is over $40,000